Monday Monologue #203

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Despite the intermittent rain, we were able to put down some fresh mulch over the weekend. We’ve still got one area that deteriorated faster than we had expected that we need to redo. But; we’re not overwhelmed with yard work.
  • I think I finally solved my last lingering issue from the big Windows update from two weeks ago that I thought I had fixed last week. It really shouldn’t be so complicated.
  • We rowed “extra” over the weekend which was good since we were stuck inside today. Hopefully the river won’t go out up much. Or be unrowable because of the debris that wash in from the storms.
  • We watched some football and some soccer over the weekend when we weren’t catching up with the Rio Olympics. We like fall sports; but, were definitely not ready for fall weather.

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