Friday Featurette #209

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe Wife and I were NOT on vacation this today; however, we’ve still got another busy weekend planned. Technically, fall has arrived. But, were still doing summer activities and plan to continue for as long as we can. Unlike the past few years where it was either snowing or raining sideways the first weekend in October, tomorrow and Sunday are forecast to be warm and relatively sunny. Have a great weekend. I know we’re going to enjoy the sun.

Traditional Thursday #209

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airIn addition to wanting/needing a new camera, we also need a small light kit; especially for when we make movies. Particularly since our photo session is always well after sunset during the winter. Our to-do list is long and we like it that way. Life would be pretty boring if there was nothing on the list. But, that’s not something I see ever happening for us. The camera is a little farther away; but we’ve returned to a popular perspective for this week’s photographs.

Wednesday Weirdness #209

Recently I’ve been dealing with someone who always has to get in the last word. Even if the discussion is clearly over and everything was perfectly clear to all involved, he always has to add something. It’s very annoying. Especially since his additions don’t contribute anything useful. We all know someone who is like that. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with him so much.

Tuesday Two For #209

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleI made sure to charge the battery for camera immediately prior to our photo session so we did not have any technical difficulties this week. Except for the battery issues, it’s very convenient since it mounts on a tripod and wirelessly uploads the photographs to our computer. Like most people, our smartphone is our primary camera when new are out and about. We are going to replace it; but, we really haven’t found anything which suits our needs. Our current one still takes good pictures when it works. So, finding a replacement it has become a difficult item to complete on our to-do list.

Monday Monologue #209

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Unlike last week, we had an uneventful weekend where everything went pretty much as planned. It was definitely a lot less stressful.
  • I cut my grass on Sunday so, of course, my next door neighbor had to mow his lawn again even though he just cut it a few days ago. I don’t know why he thinks his grass always has to be shorter than mine. I really don’t care how short his lawn is.
  • I almost got run into at lunch by a car running a red light when the light had not recently changed. I slammed on the brakes to stop short of the intersection; but they didn’t slow down at all. I’m amazed at the lack of attention people play while driving.
  • Sadly, the weather is turning much cooler. Not cold; but cool enough that I need a jacket in the morning. I don’t know how many more days of swimming or comfortably rowing we have left. The end of the season is always kinda sad since we don’t quite know when we’ll be able to get outside again in the spring.

Friday Featurette #208

THe Wife getting The Husband readyWe took the afternoon off again this week, and, unlike last week, we did NOT have any “excitement” which was a good thing. We like our half days off in the fall where we can enjoy the sun before it goes down. Sadly, October is right around the corner and fall has truly arrived. So we like to get outside and enjoy warm weather while we can. Have a great weekend. We’re already well on our way.

Traditional Thursday #208

The Husband going down on The WifeHere’s this week’s Thursday photograph. We usually like to post more than one picture; but, due to technical difficulties, we did not have many photos to choose from. We’ll have more next week although I’m not quite sure how yet.

Wednesday Weirdness #208

After being strong enough to make a 20-minute video just last week, our camera battery died after just a few shots. Its old and needs replacement so anything can happen; but I would not have expected that much of a difference in one week.

Tuesday Two For #208

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairAfter working well for most of the summer, our camera died in the middle of our photography session. So we did not have many pictures to choose from this week. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is sometimes. We really do need to decide what new camera to get. Or at least buy a new battery.

Monday Monologue #208

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Perhaps we’ll post more later; but, saying The Wife and I had an interesting weekend would be an understatement. Nothing “bad”; however, we’re glad that today was a “normal” day.
  • I was on vacation on Friday afternoon so today was a crazy busy day at work. Lots of weird issues that had been lingering for a while. It was almost like I was being penalized for taking time off.
  • Since we had a busy weekend I didn’t anything around the house so the grass is getting kinda high. My neighbor who likes to cut his grass all the time will definitely have a shorter lawn this week.
  • They are only a few years old; but our “extra” phone chargers are apparently obsolete. They charge our phones so slowly that there is a constant alert about slow charging and it takes twice as long to completely charge.