Monday Monologue #207

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Glad that we have a DVR so that we can do our outside activities and watch TV after the sun goes down. The MNF games weren’t very entertaining; but otherwise, there were some great pro football games this weekend.
  • There was a huge backup on the highway coming home today. It took twice as long to get home; but, fortunately, I don’t have a long drive. It would have been really frustrating sitting in the car watching the sun go down when I could have been outside.
  • We rowed “early” (AKA before sunset) today since it’s starting to get cool once the sun goes down. Days are still warm and sunny; but there isn’t too much of summer left.
  • We really enjoy our fall boat races; but, they do kinda signify the end of the season. Unlike the spring races that represent the start of the season and a summer of enjoying the great outdoors.

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