Monday Monologue #208

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Perhaps we’ll post more later; but, saying The Wife and I had an interesting weekend would be an understatement. Nothing “bad”; however, we’re glad that today was a “normal” day.
  • I was on vacation on Friday afternoon so today was a crazy busy day at work. Lots of weird issues that had been lingering for a while. It was almost like I was being penalized for taking time off.
  • Since we had a busy weekend I didn’t anything around the house so the grass is getting kinda high. My neighbor who likes to cut his grass all the time will definitely have a shorter lawn this week.
  • They are only a few years old; but our “extra” phone chargers are apparently obsolete. They charge our phones so slowly that there is a constant alert about slow charging and it takes twice as long to completely charge.

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