Monday Monologue #213

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Sunday was breezy but still sunny and warm so I cut the grass except in one area where the ground was still too wet from all the rain we had last week. I don’t cut the grass during the week anymore since there isn’t much sunlight and we would rather be doing something fun. We’ll be preparing for winter in a few weeks anyway.
  • The drain in a sink in the master bathroom was clogged and needed to be cleaned out which wasn’t difficult except for the terrible smell since I had to remove the trap. I’m pretty handy around the house which is good. But sometimes, I kinda wish I wasn’t
  • Our oldest vehicle was in the shop and needed a part that is difficult to find. It’s been relatively reliable; but I’m wondering how much longer it will be repairable. It’s much older than our other cars.
  • I took our last CRT TV away to be recycled today. In the world of touch screen LCDs, it’s amazing how primitive “technology” used to be.


  1. I look at the size of my cell phone and the memory and processor speed and think back to the first computer that I programmed on. It was a beast that was probably 6 feet long and 4 feet deep. And had a whopping 16k of disk. Amazing!

    • Old Guy: Electronics are definitely much smaller now than they were. I don’t think we’ll see anything as dramatic in the future as we’ve seen in the past because you can only make something so small before it becomes unusable. Hard to believe those huge old computers were “cool”.

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