Wednesday Weirdness #218

I almost got hit by a car when I was walking back after finishing my run yesterday. The driver completely stippled and looked directly at me. So, I started to cross since I had the walk signal. Then they suddenly started making a right turn. I had to quickly jump out of the way to avoid being run over. I’m just glad I’m always ultra-alert whenever I’m crossing the street in the downtown area.

Monday Monologue #218

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The long weekend was GREAT! The only “bad” thing is that it ended all too quickly. Unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to do it all over again in a month like many people. Where I work, Christmas Eve is not a holiday.
  • I’ve started running more and boxing less recently. Boxing is fun; but, I would much rather be outside enjoying the sun and relative warmth of late fall. There will be plenty of days to box during the cold, dark, dreary winter.
  • I browsed; but didn’t do any Cyber Monday shopping. Nothing that I was really looking to purchase was on sale. I’m sure that I’ll do most of my Christmas shopping online again this year. I just haven’t got started.
  • I do like the new version of PaintShop Pro. It’s got a few refinements that make it quicker and easier to use than the previous version. Plus, it isn’t quite as buggy which was the main reason I wanted to upgrade.

Friday Featurette #217

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionEven though I was on vacation, I worked out a lot today to hopefully counteract the large quantities of food I ate on Thanksgiving. Yesterday was a good great day. (And not just because of the food.) But I definitely ate too much. So, I made sure to go for a long run even though it was cold and blustery outside. The holidays are here and we’re going to enjoy them. We just need to make sure we still do the other things that we should be doing like getting plenty of exercise. I hope that you were on holiday/vacation today like we were. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #217

I thought it was kinda strange when I received an invitation to a meeting today. So, I really wasn’t surprised that the person who organized it wasn’t in the office. It would have been much too logical to have the meeting yesterday or next week. Life in the corporate world can be strange sometimes.

Tuesday Two For #217

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airToday’s photograph is kinda a rerun from last week; but, like everyone, we’re busy getting ready for the long weekend. Unfortunately, I’m not on vacation like The Wife is, so I have to work tomorrow. Hopefully there won’t be any late afternoon crisis that have to be resolved before I go home. A quiet Wednesday would be great way to start the weekend.

BTW: I’m using a new version of PaintShop Pro to edit these images. I haven’t discovered many differences even though it’s a “major” update. And, so far, everything seems to be working well.

Monday Monologue #217

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was on the phone with customer (no) service for almost an hour on Friday. Of course, over half that time was spent waiting on hold. What company that sells things thinks a 35-minute wait time is remotely acceptable.
  • It was kinda weird not going outside all weekend long. I can’t remember the last time I was inside on both Saturday or Sunday.
  • I still really like our “new” computer even though it’s almost a year old. Things that used to take a forever are finished in minutes.
  • Really, really glad for the short week. Hopefully I won’t get stuck at work on Wednesday afternoon like I did last Friday.

Friday Featurette #216

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe weekend seems like it has been a long time in coming. I don’t’ have any chores so I may not even go outside. It’s still almost 70 degrees; but it will likely be in the 30s when we wake up tomorrow. That’s really not that cold. It just seems colder than it actual is after being so warm. I definitely don’t see any reason going out if I don’t need to. Have a great weekend!