Monday Monologue #217

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was on the phone with customer (no) service for almost an hour on Friday. Of course, over half that time was spent waiting on hold. What company that sells things thinks a 35-minute wait time is remotely acceptable.
  • It was kinda weird not going outside all weekend long. I can’t remember the last time I was inside on both Saturday or Sunday.
  • I still really like our “new” computer even though it’s almost a year old. Things that used to take a forever are finished in minutes.
  • Really, really glad for the short week. Hopefully I won’t get stuck at work on Wednesday afternoon like I did last Friday.


  1. Gotta love customer non-service phone calls. I had an issue with a health insurance claim and spent over 4 hours total (several calls over several weeks) to finally get to someone who understood the problem and got it fixed. Guess I should be happy the person spoke English as a first language and was not somewhere in India or who knows where. But I agree that there seems to be less and less people on support call lines and wait times are way too long.

    • Old Guy: I call as a last resort. Unfortunately, there are still some situations that you need to speak to a real person to resolve. And, unfortunately, the people they you end up talking to are usually only good for the things that you could do more quickly and easily online.

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