Traditional Thursday #224

I just installed a security and bug fix update to WordPress, the software that runs this blog. I don’t allow automatic updates so it’s kinda a nuisance. I wish they would publish a few well-tested upgrades each year rather than the endless stream of patched versions. As always, please let us know if anything is broken.


  1. Appears that, from your description, WordPress uses the Microcrap approach. Send out a bunch of updates, then scramble to get patches out. I have an iPhone and Apple updates sure have suffered from quality issues recently too. Really need to have people outside of IT test. Users do weird stuff that programmers don’t anticipate, I found from years of programming apps. Love the pictures as a sidenote as this is a great angle.

    • Old Guy: Adequate testing is a thing of the past, especially as company behind WordPress pushes use of their proprietary Jetpack plugin that requires a linked account for everything, even for local things that don’t need one. I don’t use and will never use a plugin that tracks contributors and visitors across multiple sites. It’s none of their business. Unfortunately, that’s where much of the testing goes since they don’t want people to turn it off for compatibility reasons. The “plugin” actually bigger than the software it plugs into.

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