Monday Monologue #225

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Unlike some people (including The Wife), I did not get today off. I’ll certainly take some vacation this spring. Memorial Day is a long way away.
  • I’m not a fan of either team; but last Monday’s college championship was definitely entertaining. The NFL games were a somewhat better too; but there have been a lot of one-sided games this post season.
  • I was sick for over two weeks; but I’m finally starting to feel mostly like myself. I generally don’t get sick very often so I’m really hoping to be healthy for the rest of the winter.
  • It’s supposed to be warmer than average around here for at least the next week or so. I’m sure it will still be dark and rainy; but that’s still much better than snow and ice.

Friday Featurette #224

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherI’m not particularly superstitious but I still do not like Friday the 13ths. Bad luck is just that and can happen at any time I know we don’t truly have any more band luck on days like today than any other day. It’s just much more memorable. All the same, I’m glad to be home.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #224

Every week or two, the battery on my smartphone will start draining really fast until I restart my phone. Of course, I always seem to notice that the battery is dying when I’m working out and don’t have my hands free. So, I end up not having any music for the last part of my workout. Not a big deal since I know what the “fix” is. But, kinda frustrating if it happens when I’m in the middle of doing something for time.

Tuesday Two For #224

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleWe got our boat back today after having some customization work done while we were off the water for the winter. It’s good to have it again even though it’s far too cold to row it. This is home; but it would be nice to be some place where we could swim and row all year round. Right now, we’re just impatiently waiting for spring and hoping that it doesn’t snow too much the next few months. Its “warm” today and is forecast to be even warmer tomorrow. Of course, it’s supposed to snow this coming weekend.

Monday Monologue #224

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • This weekend’s professional football games were forgettable. Hopefully tonight’s college championship game will be better.
  • We still need to take down some of our Christmas decorations. I was planning on doing it when I recovered from being sick; but I didn’t expect to be sick for neatly this long.
  • I washed my car on Sunday even though it was freezing cold outside. I love the color of my new vehicle; but it’s really not suited for a place where they salt the roads during the winter.
  • I’m not the first person its happened tool and everything is fixable; but the benefit deductions from my paycheck are wrong. Of course, I have less money than I was expecting (rather than the other way around).

Friday Featurette #223

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionIt’s been over a week and I’m still sick. I don’t get sick very often, especially with illnesses that last over a week. I still just do what I regularly do; but, it’s frustrating being sick for so long. Hopefully I’ll finally bid whatever I have farewell over the weekend. Thankfully, The Wife hasn’t caught it.

Traditional Thursday #223

Even though we’ve been taking photographs for years, I somehow didn’t set up the camera so that the flash would properly fill the subject area. So, we did not have may photos to choose from since most of them were too dark (and I’m still too droopy to correct the lighting in PaintShop Pro). Hopefully you will still enjoy today’s selection.

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by side

Wednesday Weirdness #223

As always right after the first of the year the gym was packed on Tuesday. Then, every day, there will be fewer and fewer people until one day it’s just the “regulars” again. It happens every year; but I’m still always amazed how quickly the newcomers lose their resolve after being so enthusiastic their first days.