Monday Monologue #228

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The game yesterday was “interesting”. It was a great comeback and an even bigger choke. This has been the year of teams blowing huge leads in the championship game/series of American professional sports.
  • It was 60-degrees this afternoon. It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow and then possibly snow on Wednesday. Wacky weather seems to be normal this year.
  • The Wife and I will probably be watching a lot more videos now that football is over and we’re into the doldrums of winter. The regular season just isn’t as interesting; especially for sports that play a lot of games. Hard for a single game to be “big” when there are still so many left to play.
  • It’s still months away; but we hope to have our pool opening date scheduled soon. Having a specific date makes the winter seem a bit shorter.

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