Monday Monologue #232

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Sunday was even busier than we planned since we were able to get out and row. We don’t have much opportunity to row the first week in March so it was definitely worth it.
  • I installed yet Another WordPress security update. I don’t do automatic updates since I like to know what’s going on. And, recently, I have to restart the web server after every update so they are an even bigger nuisance and auto updates would instead be auto failure.
  • Unfortunately, whatever cold/flu that I’ve got still lingers. I don’t usually go to the doctor since generally recover before I can get an appointment; but this time would have been an exception. I’m getting really tired of being sick.
  • The temporary dog and her owner were home visiting recently. She (the dog) was well behaved but still thinks this is home. I don’t think she will ever get totally used to being somewhere else.

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