Friday Featurette #239

Amazingly, I was actually able to leave work “early” AKA on time today and The Wife and I were able to row before the heavy thunderstorms began. Looking at the weather forecast, it’s probably the last time we will be on the water for a while. We like our Friday afternoon/evening rows. It’s a relaxing way to start the weekend. And, we’ve got many more of them to look forward to this summer. Stay dry and have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #239

Up until the past couple of years we always opened our pool around Tax Day so we had a week with one good thing and one bad thing. It was (almost) hot today so we’re thinking about going back to that schedule. If we can row in February then we certainly can swim in April. Especially since we have a heater. We would rather have a cold snowy day with an open pool than a warm sunshiny day with the winter cover still on it.

Monday Monologue #239

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I were looking at old photographs over the weekend. It’s amazing how much clothing and hair styles have changed. Especially since the 90s don’t seem that long ago in our mind.
  • I was super busy yesterday; mostly because it was cool and windy on Saturday so I crammed everything into one day.
  • For once, I’m not drowning in work. But only because I’m waiting on things from other people. Then I’m right back to the same old situation.
  • My next-door neighbor still cuts his grass even though he has a lawn service. So, for the last few weeks, it’s been mowed four times a week. I’m not sure why he can’t wait. Especially since they always seem to come out the day after he cuts it.

Friday Featurette #238

The Wife naked in the bedroom doing laundryI performed yet another WordPress upgrade. I really don’t like the way new security releases just happen without warning. And, since its security release for an open source application, you need to install it sooner rather than later so that you aren’t left vulnerable to a bot looking for unprotected systems. It would be much better if there was a specific schedule like Windows updates. Did I just say that? But, at least the 2nd Tuesday of the month is predictable. Anyway, nothing seems to be broken; but, please leave us a comment if you discover anything.

Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #238

Being on vacation for a couple of days last week has made this week seem much longer than usual. Plus, I always seem to be in more of a rush than normal. Thankfully, spring has spring and we’ve (mostly) got warm weather and sunny days to look forward to. Summer is just starting; but, I know in a few months we’ll be looking back and wonder where summer has gone. We’re zooming up upon our pool opening and we can’t wait. When we can look out at the sun over the pool in our backyard summer will have fully arrived.

Wednesday Weirdness #238

The expiration date for the license plates on one of our vehicles have had the wrong expiration date for years and no one at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles could seem to fix it. The best they could say was that I should have checked my information more carefully before I left the counter when the typographical error as first made. Very annoying having registrations expire at different times.  I was pleasantly surprised when I when I made a change online and it was updated automatically. So, obviously, there was an easy way to do it. Unfortunately, people working at government bureaucracies seldom even try to be helpful anymore.

Monday Monologue #238

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Even though we had a short week, the weekend definitely was not long enough. They never are; but this one seemed busy even though we didn’t really have much to do.
  • I am very happy I got new outdoor power equipment last year. I was able to get through the yard on Saturday without the mower bogging down even though the grass was taller than normal.
  • The “temporary” dog who now just visits was well behaved this past weekend. She’s definitely not a puppy anymore. But, she still thinks that this is her permanent home.
  • I mailed out taxes today. We always owe since that’s how we plan things so we always wait until (almost) the deadline. But it still doesn’t make it any more palatable.