Monday Monologue #237

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I are on a short mini-vacation. It’s coming to an end but it’s been fabulous. It’s been a great way to kick off the start of warm weather.
  • My “smart” car is smart once again and has performed very well on the road trip we are on. I was very happy to have it operation since we use many of the previously non-working features when we are travelling.
  • I noticed that we have a bunch of USB transformers and mini power strips in our travel kit that could easily be replaced with one USB charging station. At one time, we had several non-USB-powered chargers like our camera and needed the extra outlets; but, not any more.
  • Now that it has been warm, I kinda wish we were opening our pool around Tax Day as we have done in the past. May isn’t too far; but it’s would be nice to be able to look out over the pool even if we can’t get in it.

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