Monday Monologue #241

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our pool is finally open. Of course, the water is freezing cold. And it’s so cold outside, it’s not worth heating up yet. In fact, we’ve been having frost warnings overnight. It’s definitely not swimming pool weather.
  • The grass near the fence line in back yard is still to soggy to cut. Not much to be done; but it’s annoying having it so much higher that the rest of the yard.
  • I broke the quick disconnect for the hose on our pool cleaner when I as detaching it since it was brittle from years of being in the sun submerged in chlorinated water. Of course, a replacement is not in stock at any of nearby pool supply stores so we won’t be able to get all of the earthworms out of the pool for a while.
  • I changed the filter on our RO unit over the weekend. Its amazing how “dirty” tap water is. And how much faster the flow of filtered water is after replacing an old, dirty, clogged the filter.


    • Old Guy: The water is probably closer to ice skating temperature than swimming temperature. I know it was no fun putting my hand in the freezing cold water to get out the broken pieces of the pool cleaner quick connect fitting.

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