Wednesday Weirdness #242

One of the companies that I do business with now charges a fee to pay by check. Instead of giving a discount if you pay electronically. They penalize you for paying by check. The fee is big enough to have the desired effect and I am now paying online. But I will soon not be paying them anything as soon as I can get things arranged. Especially since there was no advance notice. Just an additional charge on my bill.

Tuesday Two For #242

Since the movies we posted last week had a circa 1980s look, we’re switching things up this week and posting a high resolution, 2010s-style video. The videos are a bit longer and audio quality is better as well. Unlike olden times, we’ve got plenty of bandwidth. We may as well use it. Enjoy the show.

Monday Monologue #242

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The temporary dog and her owner were home for Mother’s Day so it was a good weekend. We don’t have too many days where everyone is around so we always enjoy it went happens.
  • The top of my head is slightly sunburned. I’m not too happy about that; but it is nice to finally have weather where risk of sunburn is an actual possibility.
  • After two rainy weeks where I couldn’t mow along the back line, it took forever to cut the tall grass along the fence. I always have to use the push mower which doesn’t have the most power so the going was extra slow. It actually took me less time to cut the rest of the grass.
  • I’ve completed all of my spring maintenance on the pool and its ready for warm weather. I am forever replacing plastic parts damaged by the sun. I know that they are made of plastic so they can withstand being submerged in chlorinated water which is worse than the sun; but it’s still a bit of a nuisance.

Friday Featurette #241

For the first time in a long time, the weekend is forecast to be hot and sunny with almost no chance of rain. We’ve had some warm weekdays or sunny weekend mornings and even a few good Saturdays or Sundays. But, if the forecast holds, this is the first weekend of the year with great weather all day on both days. I’ve got a lot to do and will be outside most of the time. Today, the Wife and I took advantage of the slightly lower temperature this evening to row a good workout so we can just enjoy the weather on Saturday and Sunday. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend.

Traditional Thursday #241

The Wife and I always plan to post more movies than we end up doing posting. I’ve got several video editing software packages so we can do almost anything we want. We just tend to prefer simple transcoding without any additions. That’s kind of the way we are about things in real life although I do like my gadgets.

Wednesday Weirdness #241

I installed the Windows 10 Creators Update today which promptly broke Microsoft Edge among other things. It took hours of deleting files, rebooting and reregistering apps in order to get everything working. The Wife’s installation works fine; but mine has always been had issues whenever there’s been an update. I’m so used to reimporting lost bookmarks and reconfiguring my settings that I almost don’t consider that a problem any more. Everything appears to be fixed now. Hopefully there won’t be another big update for along time.

Tuesday Two For #241

After what seemed like ages; but has actually only been a few weeks, we had a warm, sunny day today. It’s been a cool spring so bright sun was very welcome. We got back inside later than usual since we were out enjoying the sun, so we decided to make a video. We placed the camera high to hopefully give a voyeuristic effect. Let us know what you think.

Monday Monologue #241

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our pool is finally open. Of course, the water is freezing cold. And it’s so cold outside, it’s not worth heating up yet. In fact, we’ve been having frost warnings overnight. It’s definitely not swimming pool weather.
  • The grass near the fence line in back yard is still to soggy to cut. Not much to be done; but it’s annoying having it so much higher that the rest of the yard.
  • I broke the quick disconnect for the hose on our pool cleaner when I as detaching it since it was brittle from years of being in the sun submerged in chlorinated water. Of course, a replacement is not in stock at any of nearby pool supply stores so we won’t be able to get all of the earthworms out of the pool for a while.
  • I changed the filter on our RO unit over the weekend. Its amazing how “dirty” tap water is. And how much faster the flow of filtered water is after replacing an old, dirty, clogged the filter.

Friday Featurette #240

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe Wife and I haven’t been able to row much recently because of all the high water. We both miss it; but we do have “extra” time. We can’t do much outside because of all the rain; but I have been able to catch up on a few inside chores. We’re still looking forward to the weekend even though we will likely be inside most of the time. Stay safe. Stay dry. And have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #240

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airThe wife and I finally got on the water late yesterday afternoon which was good since it will lily be the only “good” day until sometime next week. It rained toward the end of our row and we got wet and cold putting our boat away; but it was still good. Our house is older and not smart like our car; but we still have the ability to adjust the thermostat remotely which we did on the drive home. We’re starting to think that perhaps we re-programmed it for the summer schedule a bit too soon. We spend a lot of time warming ourselves up.