Monday Monologue #245

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I were outside for most of the weekend. It was hot and sunny the entire time. We would have preferred a bit cooler; but it was definitely much better than cold and rainy. And, we were on the water which is always good.
  • I couldn’t get the lid back on our chlorine feeder on Sunday which was a problem since we can’t run the pump with the chlorine feeder open. It was stuck so firmly that pieces of rubber came off the hammer I was using to “persuade” it. After a while, I did get it tight enough to run the pump. But now I need a new hammer and, of course, a new automatic chlorine feeder.
  • The Wife and I did our first twilight row of the year today. It was good. We used to never row when it was getting dark; but now we kinda like it. It rained earlier in the evening but was clear and dry for our row.
  • I am triple-booked at work for lunchtime meetings on Wednesday. The only think that I hate worse than lunchtime meetings are multiple lunchtime meetings where people are complaining that I can’t make their meeting at a time where I shouldn’t even be in the office; let alone in another meeting.


  1. I had an ex-boss who loved to do lunch time meetings, He felt that by bringing in sandwiches and chips that we should all be excited to be there, since we were getting a “free” lunch. He was a total ass, and getting away from him at lunch was the only way to maintain some sense of sanity.

    • Old Guy: Lunch was not provided and, like you, I try to get away from the office at lunch time to get ready for the afternoon. So, it was frustrating for multiple reasons.

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