Monday Monologue #248

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Since the river was too high and fast to row, The Wife and I used the time that we would have ordinarily been rowing been rowing to strip and wax our boat. It looks really nice and should probably be more than a once a year task.
  • Our swimming pool is almost over flowing. It went from almost needing to add water to nearly overflowing the sides in the matter of a few hours. It definitely would have overflowed if the water level hadn’t been low.
  • By Sunday, the grass had dried out enough to be mowed from Friday’s heavy rainfall. It was still a bit wet in places; but dry enough to cut. I was actually surprised that I could mow the entire yard.
  • Both of us got some new athletic clothing to wear while rowing in anticipation of hot weather. Hopefully we will “need ” to wear our new stuff in the very near future.

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