Traditional Thursday #246

Here is another short but high quality video with pretty good audio. We were out late enjoying the summer; but still took some time for our indoor activities. We really enjoy the long lazy days of summer (even though it is technically still spring). Sadly, the summer solstice occurs in a week and days will start getting shorter again.

Wednesday Weirdness #246

Even though its only been three weeks since the last update, I just installed yet another version of WordPress, the blog software we use. The frequent updates are becoming a pain; especially with their tendency to break plugins. I can’t see how all these releases can possibly be thoroughly tested; and judging from all the bugs found after their release, it doesn’t appear that they are.

Monday Monologue #246

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The weekend was glorious. We rowed every day and got in the pool as well. I did have to cut the grass along the back line; but skipped the rest of the yard. It was a cool spring. So, we are really enjoying the hot weather.
  • The new automatic chlorine feeder certainly makes checking and adjusting the pool chemistry an easy task. Every time I replace it I think that Its not that expensive relative to operating a pool I need to get a new one more often before it becomes such a nuisance.
  • Our printer is running out of whatever ink cartridge is represented by a circle as opposed to a bowtie. I wonder why they couldn’t just use words rather than cryptic symbols since it has an LCD display. I think it’s low on color ink.
  • The Wife and I did our second twilight row today. We love the long days of late spring and early summer. We just wish they lasted longer. We’re already almost to the longest day of the year.

Friday Featurette #245

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionTemperatures are supposed to be near 90-degrees this weekend so I’ve already adjusted the chemistry and warmed up the water in the swimming pool. Other than raining on Monday, the weather has been hot and dry so I don’t need to cut the grass. This afternoon was a great day on the river and The Wife and I are hoping for more of the same. And some time in the pool as well. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #245

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherIt did not take very long to remove and replace the old chlorine feeder for our pool with a new one. But it took a long, long time to get the lid off the old one so I could remove the partially used tablets. I’ve got a whole pail of new ones and didn’t need them; but, I like to dispose of household chemicals properly. It took a lot of “tapping” on the lid to unscrew it; but, the pool is ready this weekend if the forecast holds.

Wednesday Weirdness #245

We had a ferocious thunderstorm with high winds and hail and our power did not go out. For most people that would not be unusual. But, for us, it’s very rare to not lose power whenever there are high winds. Getting a backup generator; however, is still on the to-do list.

Tuesday Two For #245

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airIf you compare the picture that we’re posting today with the picture we posted last Tuesday, you can tell that we were outside a LOT over the weekend. We enjoy sunny spring days even though we probably got a bit too much of sun this past weekend. We need to get in the pool and get rid of the weird rower tan lines. Hopefully the weekend weather will cooperate.

Monday Monologue #245

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I were outside for most of the weekend. It was hot and sunny the entire time. We would have preferred a bit cooler; but it was definitely much better than cold and rainy. And, we were on the water which is always good.
  • I couldn’t get the lid back on our chlorine feeder on Sunday which was a problem since we can’t run the pump with the chlorine feeder open. It was stuck so firmly that pieces of rubber came off the hammer I was using to “persuade” it. After a while, I did get it tight enough to run the pump. But now I need a new hammer and, of course, a new automatic chlorine feeder.
  • The Wife and I did our first twilight row of the year today. It was good. We used to never row when it was getting dark; but now we kinda like it. It rained earlier in the evening but was clear and dry for our row.
  • I am triple-booked at work for lunchtime meetings on Wednesday. The only think that I hate worse than lunchtime meetings are multiple lunchtime meetings where people are complaining that I can’t make their meeting at a time where I shouldn’t even be in the office; let alone in another meeting.