Monday Monologue #252

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • After my problems last week, I bought some jumper cables to put in my new vehicle even though its less than a year old. Hopefully I won’t need them; but it will save time if I ever do. Definitely quicker than calling roadside assistance. Of course, with two new vehicles, I thought that I was done with doing stuff like that.
  • We got absolutely soaked during our row on Friday. Heavy rain (but, thankfully, no lightning) suddenly popped not once but twice. Then the sun came back out. Of course, we were quite wet by then. Fortunately, it initially was a warm July day so we didn’t get too cold.
  • I finally got a small battery backup for our desktop computer. It won’t help for the longer power outages that we always seem to have. But, we’ve had a bunch of short ones where the power was off just long enough to restart the computer. Now we won’t lose our work when that happens.
  • We did another evening row today. Except for putting things away in the dark, we both kinda like rowing whine the sun is going down. Especially when its sunny and warm. A lot better than the days when we want/need the afternoon sun to make it warm enough to row.

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