Traditional Thursday #256

A few weeks ago, I stopped eating all of the junk food that I consume in between meals. I still miss it; but I’ve definitely lost some weight and feel better. I know I eat too much of it as evidenced by the weight I’ve lost. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of healthy snacks. We’ll see how long I go before I revert back to eating vast amounts of empty calories each day. If I can somehow stay disciplined, I wouldn’t even need to work out as frequently. For me, any extra weight always goes to the wrong places. So, for now, I’m going to enjoy being trimmer. I’m sure I will succumb the irresistible call of sweets soon enough.


  1. This is a good form of exercise to burn off calories. Maybe your extra calories are coming from feasting on the wife’s coochie! But can’t give up something tasty like that for sure.

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