Tuesday Two For #265

Update: Our heat is “working” which means that the house is normal winter temperature but nothing was really fixed. Every suspect part tested OK when the service man was here so there was nothing to repair or replace. Apparently, the problem is intermittent. So now we wait and wonder if/when it will stop working again. The joys of home ownership. Anyway, it’s comfortable in the house so we’ve resumed normal activities.

We have no heat in the house. So, we will be off line and unable to take pictures as regularly scheduled. We will post an update complete with photographs when the weather is better or the heat is fixed (or hopefully both).


    • Old Guy: The serviceman came out and couldn’t find anything wrong even though it initially wouldn’t work for him either. But, all of the individual parts tested good when he tried to isolate the problem. Then it miraculously started working when he put everything back together. Of course it stopped working again soon after he left. So, I spent all night trying to find the fault with no better luck. It working again; but who knows for how long.

    • Old Guy: No. We’re still here. We just went out of town for a long weekend. And, unfortunately, we got off schedule just before we left because of problems with the furnace. The house was warm when we got home, so the heat ran without issue for four days which is promising.

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