Monday Monologue #321

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The NFL regular reason is over. It was a forgettable season for our favorite professional football team.
  • We had a fleeting hope that we might be able to row today. Unfortunately, it rained a lot and the river will be unrowable due to high water for until at least the next weekend.
  • We will ring in the New Year quietly at home tonight. We do watch the ball drop since we’re usually awake then anyway; especially when we are on vacation.
  • Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Friday Featurette #320

The Husband and The Wife hhanging positionsToday is our last photo post of the year. It’s amazing how quickly this year has passed. Its been a good year for us, although there were some occasional bumps along the way. We hope that you are preparing for another four-day weekend. If we don’t see you until 2019, have a happy New Year.

Wednesday Weirdness #320

I saw a classic car with the hood up that was broken down on my way to the gym today. Old cars can be fun; but not in December. I certainly would not drive a 50-year old motor vehicle in the winter around here. Today wasn’t freezing like it often is; but, it was still a long, cold wait for a tow.

Monday Monologue #320

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • In the spirit of Christmas, I changed the ringtone on my phone to a Christmas song. I won’t keep it beyond the festive period; but, it’s a good way to help get into the holiday spirit.
    The Wife and I are hosting Christmas this year. Or family doesn’t rotate holiday get-togethers so this will be new for everyone, especially us.
  • The gym was open until noon today so I got in a Christmas-eve workout. It was an “easy” day for me so I people-watched while I did my thing. Some people spend more time finding the perfect workout music than actually using the machine.
  • The Wife and I are really enjoying our time away. We always take vacation the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day (plus a few more days if things work out).

Friday Featurette #319

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionWe did not have a lot of options for todays photograph due to the previously mentioned technical difficulties. Whether or not I buy depends upon the prices I find; but, I will definitely be checking the after-Christmas sales for the new camera I want. Starting today, we’re on Christmas vacation. We hope you’re on vacation too, or at least will be able to enjoy a four-day weekend. Even if you have to work we wish you a merry Christmas.

Traditional Thursday #319

It was easy to select a movie for today since this is all we had. I have identified a suitable replacement camera. Regrettably, I’ve decided to wait until the price goes down. (Or until I can find something else suitable that is significantly cheaper.) It’s hard to justify spending a so much money on a camera that doesn’t get a lot of use. It’s a “new arrival” right now. Maybe it will be cheaper after Christmas.

Wednesday Weirdness #319

The frustrating thing about looking for a new bedcam is the lack of detailed feature descriptions. Especially from the newer, non-traditional camera manufacturers. There actually may be an inexpensive camera out there that suits my needs. But, I have no way of knowing. The product listings are basically worthless since they lack even the most basic information.

Tuesday Two For #319

We tried to make a move this week. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I made a test video of The Wife standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom drying her hair and everything worked perfectly. But, when I actually put the camera on the tripod, it stopped recording almost immediately. So, we only have this “test” video and a short “regular” clip.