Wednesday Weirdness #275

Earlier today, The Wife happened across some caffeine free, zero sugar pop (soda) we thought had been discontinued. She doesn’t drink pop since she has more healthy habits than I do. Conversely, it will be my refreshment of choice until we run out of it. And, unlike most of the other things that I like, I won’t have to work out extra. Sometimes, the smallest thing can make your day.

Monday Monologue #275

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The keyboard tray is rolling much more smoothly since I lubricated the bearings. I’m glad that helped since the lack on clearance on the sides makes it difficult to find a replacement that fits.
  • I didn’t have to shovel today; mostly because all the snow is blowing and drifting and the driveway is mostly clear. I probably will need to on Tuesday since it’s usually less windy overnight.
  • A company I do business with was recently bought out by a larger company and the transition is not going smoothly. I just received correspondence from them today that I ordinarily would have received weeks ago.
  • I cut my head just behind my ear when I was shaving today. It didn’t really hurt; but it was in a difficult impossible place to clean up and bandage. Especially since I always wear glasses.

Friday Featurette #274

We are definitely ready for the weekend. Its supposed to be warmer; but, wet and rainy. Better than cold and snowy but not nearly as good as hot and sunny. I don’t expect the weather to be warm enough to get out and row every January and February. But, there have been a lot of days where I needed my big coat. It’s probably wishful thinking; but I put the snow suit I wear to shovel back in the basement. We’ll see if I was being overly optimistic. “Light” snow is forecast for Monday. Here is a higher quality video than what we usually post. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #274

All of the cold damp air has us longing for the end of winter even more than usual. Especially since I’ve been doing more walking during the day outside. Its nothing unusual for a winter around here. But, after a warmer than average winter two years ago and a much warmer than average winter last year, “average” seems cold. I don’t think we’ll be rowing in February like we did last year.

Wednesday Weirdness #274

One of the things I don’t like about working downtown is all the crazy drivers. I almost got hit by a car without any lights on when I was walking to my car after work. Fortunately, we saw each other at the last minute. I try to be careful. But dark cars turning into the road from side streets are difficult to see. Automatic headlights should be required on all passenger vehicles. It was certainly after sun down.

Tuesday Two For #274

We had planned to do some more things with this week’s video; but, unfortunately, I got busy doing some other things so all we have is a quick transcode of an intermediate product. We’ll finish editing and post the movie as we originally intended later on one of these days the we have technical difficulties. And, once again, sorry for the sound quality. Maybe we need to get a new bed.

Monday Monologue #274

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It warmed up enough over the weekend to melt most of the snow. Unfortunately, the temperature is already dropping and its supposed to snow again on Tuesday. I know it, is only January; but I was still hoping for a few more warm days.
  • Updating the maps in the GPS on my car really highlighted how computerized today’s vehicles have become. It was much like Windows Update complete with a progress bar followed by the obligatory reboot at the end. But it was somewhat disconcerting to have all the screens go dark while I was driving.
  • The keyboard tray on the desk I use was getting stuck all the time so I lubricated the slides over the weekend. It moves smoothly; but now I get WD40 on my hand when I adjust the position and grab edge the slide rather than the tray itself. Very annoying since I have to go wash my hands since I don’t want to get penetrating oil on my keyboard.
  • Why do they install gas pumps that don’t work with gloves in places that get cold in the winter? I wear gloves that used to work with touch sensitive devices; but now they’ve worn out.

Friday Featurette #273

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherI got my car back this week. They did a good job except for the delay while they waited for parts. It was weird not driving a smart car. I hadn’t realize how accustomed to technology that I had become. I drive our other cars regularly including a 20-yrear old sedan. But, the loaner seemed primitive considering it was a 2018. I was so glad to have it back that I just drove around while I updated the maps for the GPS. Our next vehicle purchase a long way off. But it’s definitely going to have as many if not more features than the one we have now.