Wednesday Weirdness #273

I recently discovered in the latest major Windows Update that “if the SMBv1 client is not used for 15 days in total, it automatically uninstalls itself.” Of course, that was only after I wasted hours trying to do something that I had done many times before that suddenly stopped working. I know that using an obsolete version can be a security issue. But silently automatically uninstalling a feature based upon it not being used in an arbitrary time period seems excessive. Especially since a reboot is required to reinstall it.


    • Old Guy: Ultimately, I was able to configure the other computer to use a protocol version that Windows 10 still supports by default which I probably should have done before. Even though its overkill since everything is on a private network. Of course, that meant yet another reboot to remove the “obsolete” protocol once I got everything working.

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