Monday Monologue #275

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The keyboard tray is rolling much more smoothly since I lubricated the bearings. I’m glad that helped since the lack on clearance on the sides makes it difficult to find a replacement that fits.
  • I didn’t have to shovel today; mostly because all the snow is blowing and drifting and the driveway is mostly clear. I probably will need to on Tuesday since it’s usually less windy overnight.
  • A company I do business with was recently bought out by a larger company and the transition is not going smoothly. I just received correspondence from them today that I ordinarily would have received weeks ago.
  • I cut my head just behind my ear when I was shaving today. It didn’t really hurt; but it was in a difficult impossible place to clean up and bandage. Especially since I always wear glasses.

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