Wednesday Weirdness #275

Earlier today, The Wife happened across some caffeine free, zero sugar pop (soda) we thought had been discontinued. She doesn’t drink pop since she has more healthy habits than I do. Conversely, it will be my refreshment of choice until we run out of it. And, unlike most of the other things that I like, I won’t have to work out extra. Sometimes, the smallest thing can make your day.


  1. POP. Wow, have not heard that term since I left Montana years back. Amazing how it’s pop in one area of the country, and soda other places. Wonder how many other common items have that same strange naming convention.

    • Old Guy: Definitely a regional thing. It has always been “pop” around here except for the people who are from someplace else. The local grocery chains of which don’t exist anymore used to have huge signs reading “POP”. While the national chains still mostly used “Soda”.

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