Traditional Thursday #280

I look with great anticipation to the upcoming time change. It likely still won’t; be we warm enough to do much outside. But, it will actually still be light when I get home from work which is progress considering how dark and dreary this winter has been. The official start of spring doesn’t have any correlation to the weather. Having an hour more light in the evening; however, is a definite improvement. We both still have a hard time adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. But we do prefer the extra daylight; especially in March and April.


  1. There’s really not an extra hour of daylight. You simply go to work an hour earlier. I for one wish we could simply leave the clocks alone.

    • Old Guy: I’ve long since abandoned hope that they will leave the clocks alone. And, so far as going to work an hour earlier, the earlier the people who cause problems go home, the earlier I can fix them and leave.

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