Monday Monologue #282

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Earlier today we had nice spring like weather with temperatures near 60-degrees. Now, the temperature outside has already dropped into the 30s and snow is supposed to start falling in the next few hours. Not the best way to start off the week.
  • Of course, I used the good weather on Sunday to switch my outdoor power equipment back to lawn-care mode. So, I will be outside in the cold on Tuesday changing things back to the winter configuration.
  • Since it was looking more like spring, I ordered some new prescription glasses for outdoor activities on Friday. They won’t arrive for a week or so. Hopefully this is the last blast of winter and there will be plenty of sun to try them out.
  • Taxes are due in a month. Long past time to work on them. I just haven’t had the energy to start on such a depressing task whenever I happen to think about it. Hopefully next weekend.

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