Friday Featurette #281

I’m not a huge college basketball fan; but I due enjoy March Madness. Primarily because most of the “upsets” aren’t really upsets. The team that plays harder and better than their opponent usually wins. I don’t get caught up in records or seedings. You have to win six games in a row to win the championship. And all 6 games are played on the court and not in a computer or the mind of a talking head somewhere. It’s not what other people think. It’s what happens when it’s time to get to work. Ultimately, sport is a microcosm of life. Anyway, if you are not a fan, (or even if you are) here is a longer clip of the movie that we made. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #281

For some reason, neither of our home computers have not backing up every day like they are supposed to. It hasn’t caused a problem yet. But, still, it annoying. Especially since the software we use is not a free and less than a year old. It certainly doesn’t inspire confidence. Particularly for something that’s supposed to provide protection against catastrophic failures. Anyway, here is more of the video we made.

Wednesday Weirdness #281

I was reading in the newspaper, that a construction project in the area that was started earlier this year is already a month behind. How do you get that far behind when you haven’t yet even been working for three months? That does not bode well for the rest of the project. Especially since the delay is not weather-related.

Tuesday Two For #281

We had not made a video in a while so we decided to make one this week. We got a new tube of flavored lubricant over the weekend which always make for a good time. I wonder if the mailmen know what’s in the boxes they are delivering. For bedroom accessories as with most things these days, ordering online is easier than going to the store. These days, everything is safety-sealed. And, even if they weren’t, you can’t try stuff out in a store anyways.

Monday Monologue #281

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We watched a spectacle style Blu-ray when I finally got finished with all of my work. I like always having a movie or two around to watch whenever we don’t feel like going out
  • We are not having as much difficulty as usual adjusting to the time change this year. I’m not sure why, but we’re not complaining.
  • I washed my car on Sunday so of course it snowed today. Not a lot of accumulation. But enough road spray still got on my vehicle; so that it doesn’t look like it was just washed.
  • Looking forward to the basketball tournament this month. It should be good, even with the cloud hanging over the coaches at some of the programs.

Friday Featurette #280

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airI have to work on fixing yet another crisis again this weekend. Recently, it seems like crisis mode is the norm mode of operation. Once again, it’s cold and dreary outside so its tolerable. But, it still not fun. Where have all the normal weekends gone? I will actually be glad to get outside and roll the lumps out of my lawn even if pushing a lawn roller isn’t one of my favorite chores. Perhaps next weekend. Anyway, have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #280

I get prompted to upgrade to the latest every few times I open the personal accounting software we use version despite check the “Don’t display this again” box. Not being able to permanently disable the notice is actually very annoying. Especially in an application that we use very frequently. Certainly not the way to keep existing customers or make new ones. I wonder how anyone could think updating a year-old version to continually nag customers to upgrade to the next major version is a good idea.

Tuesday Two For #280

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a hot washcloth on her faceRecently, The Wife has been using a hot washcloth on her face in the morning when she wakes up. Everyone has their morning routine. She doesn’t think it’s that unusual; but I know I would fall back asleep only to wake up some time later with a cold, wet towel on my face. Anyway, I thought it was interesting view. So, here is a picture I took before I left for work today.

Monday Monologue #280

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I had a productive weekend workwise. It’s good that I got everything accomplished that I need to. Bu, its bad that my weekend wasn’t really my own. Hopefully the only thing I will need to do over the weekend in the near future is relax.
  • I ate too many Girl Scout cooks since they got delivered this past week. There is no such thing as too many cookies. But it does make for longer workouts to burn the extra calories.
  • The Wife had the head on her diamond ring replaced since the prongs were worn down after many years of regular use. Hopefully, the new setting will last for another 30 years.
  • I still can’t believe that it’s been over 32 years since I purchased her diamond. It doesn’t seem nearly that long ago. Where did the time go? I remember the days when we were first getting to know each other like they happened yesterday.