Monday Monologue #297

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We are really glad that we decided to get a new air conditioner right away rather than wait. It’s been 90-degrees almost every day since we had it installed. We could have saved money buying during the off-season. But we would have been miserable.
  • I did not cut the grass this weekend since its ben so hot and dry. In fact, we’re starting to water it. If the forecast is accurate, I’m not sure I’ll cut it this coming weekend either.
  • We have not been biking a lot recently since there isn’t very much shade on the bike paths and the asphalt reflects so much heat. No shade on the river either; but, not nearly as much heat radiates off the water.
  • The Wife’s sports watch is getting so worn that it needs replacing. We are not as active as some. But, our gear does get a lot of use which is better than the alternative.

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