Wednesday Weirdness #312

A driver that was going the wrong way down the street got mad that I yelled ” Wrong way! Wrong way! Wrong way!” at him after I jumped out of the way of his car. I try to be careful in downtown crosswalks. But, it’s difficult to stay out of the way when cars turn from any direction, even ones they aren’t supposed to.

Tuesday Two For #312

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airFor the second week in a row, our camera died and we have a very limited selection of photographs. It’s become more than a minor annoyance. There are more important things to buy on the to-do list, so we may need to compromise on features and capabilities just to have something that works reliably. Our current unit is old, especially for an electronic device. Anything new would likely be better.

Monday Monologue #312

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I purchased some new digital music on Friday for the first time in a long time. I like having new songs to listen too. But, sometimes, I get busy doing things and realize I haven’t got any new .MP3s in several months even if I have digital credits.
  • I had a flat tire on Saturday afternoon and had to rush to the repair shop and have it fixed before they closed. Thankfully, the tire was repairable (unlike the last flat we had). But, I didn’t have the lazy afternoon around the house that I was expecting.
  • We’re back on the air after having technical difficulties for much of the day. The web server was still on the intranet. Unfortunately, DNS resolution for our domain was broken. Everything is fixed now. Hopefully this is the last hiccup for a while.
  • Amazingly the checker at the hardware store had never seen a dollar coin before and refused to accept it. Rather than use a larger bill and get a bunch of tattered 1-dollar bills back, I made her call the head cashier who could explained that it was real money to her.

Friday Featurette #311

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionI found and fixed the problem with images. There was nothing wrong with the lightbox plug-in. An old, incompatible sidebar widget was crashing the page before it totally loaded. So, the code to overlay photos in the same window rather than opening in a new wind wasn’t running. Everything is fixed now and it actually didn’t take as long as I was expecting. Have a great last weekend in October.

Wednesday Weirdness #311

It appears the plugin that pops up photos and videos is one thing that is broken. Now, I’ll have to fix it or find another plugin. All of the pictures and moves are still there. Unfortunately, the lightbox overlay effect is lost and everything now appears in a separate window. I know that plugin works fine in very similar configurations. Just not the specific one on this blog. If its not one thing, its another.

Tuesday Two For #311

The Wife preparing to apply flavored lubricant to The HusbandI did a major upgrade to the internals of this blog this evening. Please let us know if you see anything strange. Everything seemed to be operating normally. But, software can be very temperamental. Especially with such a big change in versions. It was good to update to the latest version. But, I’m sure something, big or small, is broken somewhere.

Monday Monologue #311

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Unsurprisingly, the replacement cable TV boxes that the technician left both dropped dead and need to be exchanged. He wanted to install a different model but did not have any. So, he used what was on his truck which, of course meant an extra trip and waiting in line for me.
  • We had a long but successful weekend running and rowing. November and the end of outdoor activities will be here soon. So, it was nice to have some good weather to enjoy even if it’s the last time for the year.
  • Transporting racing sculls in strong, gusty winds is no fun! We had no mishaps. But it made for a very long, very stressful trip home. (But still better than sitting at home looking out the window waiting for spring.)
  • I did have time to cut the grass on Sunday. This time of year, it gets dark too early in the evening to cut the grass after work. Hopefully there will be warm weather the next few weekends and I’ll be able to finish mowing for the season before it gets cold.

Friday Featurette #310

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionI was working most all of the night making a schedule that I found out afterwards wasn’t real. I was (and still am) very unhappy about the “misunderstanding”. Especially since the date which wasn’t really a requirement was clearly stated in email. Nothing to be done now except have a nice relaxing weekend and catch up on my sleep. Sadly, there is no lesson to be learned and applied in the future.

Traditional Thursday #310

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherIn addition to closing the pool, I also switched the direction of the ceiling fans in all the rooms and reprogrammed our smart thermostat. All necessary tasks that, sadly, make the cool, fall weather we’ve been having recently seem much more permanent.