Wednesday Weirdness #309

When we were crossing the street on Sunday, a driver got angry at the driver of the car in front of her that was turning left because he didn’t chase us out of the cross walk so she could proceed. Long loud angry beeps on the horn. Screaming out the window. We were crossing with the traffic signal. So, yielding to pedestrians was proper. And, it doesn’t take that long to cross the street. It was an ugly and unsettling display of road rage on an otherwise quiet morning.


  1. What is it with the impatience that we see now virtually everyday? There must be something I am missing that’s really important. Are $100 bills floating from the sky a few blocks / miles away that are worth killing / maiming people?

    • Old Guy: I don’t understand it either. Some people are always in a hurry. Even when they shouldn’t be. Earlier today, I was being tailgated VERY closely on a dark, wet, winding road well. And I wasn’t driving slowly.

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