Monday Monologue #318

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I never realized how much I use the remote start feature of my car when it’s cold until it wasn’t working since the check engine light was on due to one of the occasional false alerts that clears itself after the car has been driven for a few medium length trips. Not what you want to happen in the winter.
  • I washed my car this over the weekend since the weather was supposed to be clear until later in the week. Of course, it snowed today. Not a lot; but enough so that the roads has to be salted. So now my car needs washing again.
  • For the second time in as many fill-ups, I accidentally put regular gas in The Wife’s car. So, once again it was off to the auto parts store for a bottle of octane booster. An engine with a turbocharger is nice; but it only drinks premium gas.
  • I still have my cold; but I slowly seem to be getting better. Unfortunately, now The Wife has caught it.

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