Wednesday Weirdness #325

I disabled the nightly setback on our thermostat. When its cold like it is, the furnace takes a long, long time to warm the house back up to daytime temperatures. It’s probably more efficient to let the heat run off and on during at night and not so much later rather than running constantly for an extend period while warming the house back up to the schedule temperature. It’s definitely more comfortable. Our home is well insulated. But, it still loses a lot of heat overnight in extremely cold weather. Looking very forward to determining the optimum schedule for the air conditioner when its burning hot this summer.

Tuesday Two For #325

It’s cold outdoors; but its warm inside. Partly because I turned the heat a couple of degrees so it wasn’t so drafty. And partly because we decided to make our own warmth. Not much to do except stay in and wait until it’s not so bitter cold. If you are inside the vortex, say warm and stay safe. And, if you are not, enjoy your good fortune (and the accompanying warmth).

Monday Monologue #325

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Winter is coming. Or more specifically the Polar Vortex will be pushing a cold front our way. We have cold winters generally so we have “big coats” and everything else we need; but, it’s still no fun. I’ll definitely be using the remote start in my car.
  • Out of curiosity, I looked up the current wind chill formula and discovered it was created and calibrated using human test subjects in freezing cold wind tunnel. I know that some people are accustomed to the cold; but, that’s definitely not the sort of thing I would ever volunteer for.
  • Today I ended up parking my car next to someone who parked very close to the line. It was the last space availed or I would have parked somewhere else. I wonder why people don’t park at least a little bit neater; especially in a crowded garage. I left them as much space as I could; but, I’m pretty sure they had to get in on the passenger side.
  • I looked at some tax stuff on Sunday. Not too much since I didn’t want to get annoyed or aggravated. But a least it was a start. I’m hoping if I do it in small chunks rather than in a few long sessions it won’t be quite so frustrating.

Friday Featurette #324

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionA hopefully quiet weekend awaits me. I’ve completed two high-priority projects at work and perhaps only a light dusting of snow is in the forecast. So, the only things I “need” to do are get a couple of workouts in and wash my car. We’ll probably watch one of the Blu-Rays we have. And look at the huge pile of snow in the tree lawn and wonder how many days or weeks or months before we can row again. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #324

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherWith all of the useless new features that have been added to WordPress, the developers still have not added a way to undo an accidentally scheduled post despite it having been being a feature request for many years. There are a bunch of kludges in their knowledgebase that don’t work. Its free so I shouldn’t complain. But the continued adding of new features at the expense of fixing existing bugs is frustrating.

Wednesday Weirdness #324

It was below zero on Monday after a weekend full of snow and ice. Not it’s raining and in the 44-degrees. That’s already a dramatic swing in the weather. Another wild swing is expected tomorrow with forecast temperatures near zero. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.

Tuesday Two For #324

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideWhen I was driving around in the garage today looking for a parking space before work, I saw someone had parked the car across THREE spaces. No one like dings in their car. But it’s still mind boggling that someone would do that in a parking garage for monthly parkers with a limited amount of spaces. They probably do the same thing everywhere they go. I wonder how many times they have parked in by other annoyed drivers.

Monday Monologue #324

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We got less snow this weekend than was forecast. There was still a lot. Just not as much as predicted. But the high winds made huge piles that needed to be cleared which was not any fun. Especially since it was only a few degrees above zero and still windy.
  • Amazingly, we got to the gym and had our regular weekend workout before road conditions deteriorated. It was actually relatively crowded with other people doing the same thing.
  • The smart thermostat we have doesn’t properly account for extremely cold outside temperatures. It was still several degrees colder than scheduled when we woke up today. Tonight, I’m not going to let the temperate in the house go down so much overnight.
  • Unlike The Wife, I did not have the day off. Today was just another day. And, with the frigid temperatures, it really wasn’t a day for going outside. I was very glad our SUV has long range remote start capability form my smartphone.

Friday Featurette #323

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherIn a replay of last weekend, a big snowstorm is once again forecast for this weekend. After the snow stops temperatures are supposed to drop to below zero and freeze everything in one of the worst combinations possible. Plus, 45mph winds are expected. We’ve stocked up on groceries, I’ve gotten gas for the snow blower and I’ve located my snowmobile suit. We don’t need to go anywhere except for perhaps a quick workout if the gym is open. Otherwise, we’ll be home in a comfortable environment. Say warm. Stay safe. And have a great weekend.