Traditional Thursday #323

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airI ordered an item online last week that still hasn’t shipped even though today is already the second day of the three day “delivery window”. I wonder how a company that does not honor their shipping guarantees stays in business. It seems like they would run out of customers. I know this is the first and last thing I am ever buying from them. I’m cancelling the order if it doesn’t ship by tomorrow.

Wednesday Weirdness #323

When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, a guy in the midst of double parking across from the building was extremely angry that someone else had double-parked directly in front of the building which is where he wanted to park block traffic.  The irony that they were both doing something rude and illegal was totally lost on him.  I had to try hard not to laugh as he cursed at the other vehicle.  Especially since there were plenty of open spaces in the parking lot.

Tuesday Two For #323

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleI had my pupils dilated today at the eye doctor and they still have not gone back to normal even though that was hours ago. That’s “normal” for me; but its still not the most comfortable. Especially with all the snow on the ground. I was fine taking pictures since I specifically set up the camera so I wasn’t looking directly at the flash. Even now, I still can’t focus on dark text on a light background. Fortunately, the photo editing software I use has a dark theme unlike the WordPress editor. So, I didn’t have any problems editing photos.

Monday Monologue #323

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We got a LOT of snow this weekend as forecast. I had to clear the drive way on both Saturday and Sunday. There definitely will not be any rowing for a while.
  • I didn’t realize that the tires on the power base I use with the snow blower were low on air until I was finishing up. I wondered why it was such a struggle to maneuver even considering the fact that the unit doesn’t have reverse.
  • Our new refrigerator is already showing a message to replace the filter. It likely a time-based warning and doesn’t really need to be replaced since all of the water in the kitchen goes through an advanced filtration system. The “replace filter” light on the old refrigerator rarely illuminated since it always reset after a power failure.
  • Since the only thing to do outside was shovel snow, we got all of the Christmas stuff put away over the weekend. It’s past time; but we would much rather have ben rowing three weekends in a row.

Friday Featurette #322

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe long days at work are continuing, and Christmas vacation seems even more distant, if possible. I don’t want/need to leave work early on Friday. I would be happy to just be able to leave on time. And not receive a bunch of emails in the evening and over the weekend that make me already behind on Monday. A big snowstorm is forecast to move through the area. Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #322

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideI just did yet another WordPress update. The latest major version has new update every two or three weeks. Obviously, that’s much too often. It’s good it’s free software. I certainly wouldn’t pay for a product with so many bugs. Despite the nuisance of changing, I am still investigating alternatives. Hopefully this latest update didn’t break anything.

Wednesday Weirdness #322

I somehow ended up on a political issues mailing list that is totally opposite of my actual viewpoint. I wonder if the was an error in their analytics or if I’m being pranked by someone. The emails are so melodramatic that they are actually somewhat amusing so I haven’t blocked them yet. But, I do wonder if the author is just trying to get attention or really believes what they have written.

Monday Monologue #322

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The water was higher than we would have liked and it was a bit breezy; but, we rowed over the weekend. Very slowly and very carefully. It’s supposed to snow before the end of the week; but, Saturday was a good day on the river.
  • The crisis that started on Friday continues to expand. I’m spending more time giving status updates that I am actually fixing the problem. Christmas vacation was an eternity ago.
  • I did not take the Christmas tree down as I had planned. I’ll save that chore for a day when it’s cold and snowy outside. (Like the forecast for next weekend.)
  • The National Championship game doesn’t seem too interesting. Hopefully things will change. But this has not be a good year for fans of the playoff system.