Wednesday Weirdness #323

When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, a guy in the midst of double parking across from the building was extremely angry that someone else had double-parked directly in front of the building which is where he wanted to park block traffic. The irony that they were both doing something rude and illegal was totally lost on him. I had to try hard not to laugh as he cursed at the other vehicle. Especially since there were plenty of open spaces in the parking lot.


  1. Gotta love those who have to park close to the door, block traffic, and can’t possibly move to a parking space 15 feet further away. Understand if someone has a handicap but seeing most the only handicap is laziness. I tend to voice my displeasure with my horn.

    • Old Guy: Extremely lazy and total inconsiderate. With vehicles double parked on both sides there was only one lane for two-way traffic. I can’t understand how people don’t see anything wrong with that in a busy downtown area.

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