Monday Monologue #331

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • For some strange reason, the clock in our SUV didn’t update after the time change even though it gets the time automatically from the mobile phone network. I wonder if someone, somewhere forgot to put the system on daylight time.
  • The Wife and I are both definitely still missing the hour of sleep we lost on Saturday night. It usually takes us quite some time to adjust. The extra hour of light in the evening isn’t worth the disruption.
  • In the world of strange facts, I used to work with a guy who couldn’t grasp the difference between standard time and daylight time. He would arrange meetings on the phone for a global team in standard time (over the summer) and then wonder why not everyone called in.
  • My phone has been doing a supposedly “minor” system update for hours. Its not stuck. Its just going very, very slowly. Kinda frustrating when I have things I need it for. Of course, the alternative would be no updates which is even worse.


  1. Strange…thought I had left a comment on this. What I said was there is a bill in the US Senate to change all of us to daylight savings time all year, and hoped that the “hate Trump” party did not kill it since Trump came out in support. Would love to stop the clock manipulations.

    • Old Guy: You did leave a comment. But you had a typo in your name so it went to automatic moderation. Which I check only infrequently since the queue is almost totally spam.

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