Friday Featurette #343

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionWe are finally on our much-anticipated summer vacation! Depending on the weather which is forecast to be warm hot we will likely not be online very much. Hopefully we’ll be outside enjoying the summer. We would like to wish you a safe and happy Independence Day holiday in advance. And have a great weekend too.

Traditional Thursday #343

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airI recently changed the song I use for the standard ringtone of my phone. I’m not quite sure why since all of my frequent contacts have custom ringtones and I almost never answer unknown callers. It just seemed like something I should do for the summer. We’ve had mobile phones for so long I’ve almost forgotten what the days of a single mechanical or electronic ring were like. The Wife and I have certainly become used to our electronic gadgets.

Wednesday Weirdness #343

I just placed an online order for which the expected delivery date is next Friday. 10 days to receive my items and the price wasn’t too good either. Why raise the price when you know you have slow delivery? Not the way to create satisfied customers. I’ll definitely be looking for another seller.

Tuesday Two For #343

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairAs you can see, The Wife is just starting to get a tan. We’ve had several days of sunny weather recently. Its only been a few days but it seems that summer may finally be here. That would be very good fortune as our annual summer vacation (for Independence Day) is next week. The extended forecast looks promising; but we’ve been disappointed many times this year. For now, we still have high hopes.

Monday Monologue #343

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We rowed yesterday even though conditions were marginal. It was good to be on the water again.
  • With all of the poor weather that has kept us from rowing, I’ve been cutting the grass more than once a week. My next-door neighbor doesn’t know quite what to do and cuts his grass more frequently than ever.
  • I am not missing all the fussing with extension cords now that I exclusively use my gas string trimmer. But I am missing the automatic feed. Having to stop and bump the head to feed line is a nuisance.
  • I still haven’t washed my car recently which is very unusual for me. Waiting in line at the car wash is the last thing on my mind we have a rare period of extended sunny weather.

Friday Featurette #342

The Wife bending over to pick up some pillows that got tossed on the floorWe’re hopeful that we may finally be able to row sometime this weekend even though the river forecast not promising. This year we’ve experienced the worst conditions for outdoor activities that we’ve ever had since we started. It’s a very minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things. However, it is somewhat frustrating that wet and dreary has become “normal”. We’d like to think that summer will bring some actual summer weather. Wish us luck and have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #342

When I could get back on line after our computer outage, one of the first things hat greeted me besides an overflowing inbox was a WordPress upgrade notice. It went smoothly. However, after the disaster that was my last computer upgrade experience, it wasn’t what I wanted to see. WordPress isn’t in the category of software where thorough testing is very important since it doesn’t crash the entire computer when it breaks. But. it is still annoying to find bugs that should have been caught and fixed by the developers.

Tuesday Two For #342

The Wife sucking The Husband's dickNow that I’m not spending all my time working on our computer, we’ve ben able to relax and watch some of the World Cup. We’re not the sort of people who stay inside and watch the world go by. But, it’s nice to have something to do indoors while it’s so rainy. Unfortunately, we have a lot more time for such things than usual. Hopefully it won’t rain all week.

Monday Monologue #342

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It took most all of the weekend; but out computer is finally back to normal. Faulty software is very annoying. Especially when the system keeps crashing so you can’t uninstall it.
  • I had an excellent Father’s Day! I spent time with my kids. And then later I visited my Dad. Definitely one of those days that doesn’t come around too often.
  • I was able to cut the grass today before it started raining. Unfortunately, we have a lot more free time that we would like since it’s too wet outside for our usual activities.
  • I haven’t washed my car in weeks since its always either raining or about to rain (and the car wash is closed). Weather-wise this has not been a normal spring.