Monday Monologue #353

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had more free time this past weekend than usual since we didn’t have to do any yard work. I didn’t cut even the grass. After a wet, soggy spring, this has been a very dry summer. Mowing the lawn isn’t a favorite activity. But I would like just enough rain to keep the grass green.
  • We had some good rowing today and over the weekend. Unfortunately, its usually starting to get dark when we finish our weekday evening rows. So, we are rushing to get everything put away. But the weather has been warm.
  • There were some wacky games; but we still enjoyed the start of the pro football season. We lost whatever interest we had in baseball long ago. But we still follow our favorite college and professional football teams. Hopefully they will have good seasons.
  • We’ve had to add so much water to the pool this summer that I’ve needed to rebalance the chemistry multiple times. Usually all I have to do is occasionally add chlorine. But, adding a lot water from the hose to replace water that evaporated changes things.

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