Tuesday Two For #354

Here are some photographs of The Wife’s new diaphragm. Unlike her old one, its “ergonomically designed”. They are relatively rare devices and getting harder and harder to find. The style she previously used was discontinued by the manufacturer. And the new one had to be special ordered from a central pharmacy. But its better than the alternatives.


  1. My wife just got the CAYA as well. She still has her milex Wide Seal but she wanted to try the CAYA. It has been working fine and we are both happy with it. How do you both like it?

    • Greg: We like it better than the Ortho which her previous ones were which is good beacsue they’ve been discontinued. They Caya is definitely more ergonomic. Hopefully it will stay in production and distribution for awhile.

  2. With this whole Covid 19 we have been using the diaphragm more frequently. CVS now home delivers, when we got a prescription delivery the other day we also had 2 tubes of spermicide delivered. Who would have ever though Gynol would be home delivered.

    • We’ve been doing home delivery for several years since Gynol has become such a scare product. It works for us but its not nearly as popular as it used to be.

      • I agree all that matters is it works. We have used the diaphragm for a long time. I think it is neat the way it just gets tucked up there and does its thing, then 6 or more hours later you just take it out clean it up and it is ready to be used again. Does your wife usually do the inserting of it or do you do it as well?

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