Traditional Thursday #360

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherWe’re supposed to have temperatures below freezing this weekend. Where did the summer go? It was good; but it definitely wasn’t long enough. We closed our pool two weeks ago. And we’ve started other winterization tasks like taking down the outdoor fountain. I may cut the grass one more time, mostly for the leaves. After that, I’ll need to convert my outdoor power equipment to snow removal mode. Its rainy and dreary now. Hopefully this is the worse it gets for a while; but I doubt it.

Wednesday Weirdness #360

I got assigned a “has to be done by end of day” task at kept me working right up until the midnight deadline. I understand the need to sometimes work extra hours. However, making something a requirement doesn’t add any additional hours in the day and almost always guarantees a rushed finished project.

Tuesday Two For #360

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airA while ago, I purchased a new memory card for our camera with the intent on using in a new camera whenever we got one. I didn’t realize it until I started using it but it was a long overdue purchase. Our current camera ignores any button presses while its saving pictures. The camera is still obsolete and definitely needs to be replaced. But it’s more responsive when I’m trying turn off interval shot mode which is the setting we use most.

Monday Monologue #360

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I wore multiple rain coats; but still got wet on Saturday when it was either raining or raining hard. Not the best day to be outside; but I survived. Unfortunately, I lost my gloves. Though I wish it wasn’t glove weather in October.
  • I ordered some new gloves online that are one size smaller than what I usually wear. Hopefully they will do a better job of keeping my hands warm. They are exactly the same kind as the ones I lost so I should be able to tell if sizing down makes a difference.
  • We’re busy later in the week so we did our final weekday row today. We will be done rowing on weekdays after the time change next week. It was a good day to be outside (until the sun went down and it got chilly).
  • I finally filed a bug report with the company that makes some software I used since no one else did. In order to report a bug, you have to sign up for an account which requires providing a lot of personal information. That shouldn’t be required. I think that data would be mostly useless for marketing purposes. I just made stuff up for most of the required fiends so I could submit the form.

Friday Featurette #359

The Wife fixing the bed after a photo sessionThe Wife always fixes the bed after our photo sessions even though we are going to bed soon. She is a very neat person. I guess that I am too which is why we are compatible. And we both enjoy making a mess. I’ll be outside all days both Saturday and Sunday with rain and wind in the forecast which will not be fun. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #359

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherWith the time change less than two weeks away, rowing season is drawing to an end. After that, it will be too dark to row in the evenings and well be limited to sunny weekend afternoons. It’s been a good great year for us. But we still hate to see it end. We’re still getting better and our race performances are improving. We just hate to be (mostly) off the water until next spring. Even when we are doing laps for time, it doesn’t really seem like practice to us.

Wednesday Weirdness #359

The Wife’s Fitbit did not auto-register the last run that she did. You can enter the activity manually. But that defeats the whole purpose of having a fitness tracker. We’ve had a lot of issues with technology recently.

Monday Monologue #359

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our three-day weekend was great! I wish we had more of them. With winter approaching, it won’t be too long before the only thing we will be able to do is sit inside and watch it snow.
  • We had yet another power outage this weekend even though the weather was great. Apparently, a small animal crawled into their equipment. We really need a backup generator.
  • I cut my grass this weekend. Not for the final time this season; but there aren’t many more cuttings left. Summer has flown by.
  • I washed my car even though it’s supposed to rain. I just wanted to get the dirt off since I hadn’t washed it recently. I like to keep things looking nice if at all possible.