Wednesday Weirdness #371

Going to work in the morning, I drive on a section of road where the speed limit goes from 50mph to 35mph to 25pmh in a very short distance. A well-marked and highly visible police car sometimes sits at the start of the 25mph zone. As easy as the vehicle is to see, I’m amazed that anyone gets caught speeding. But, apparently, some drives don’t pay any attention at all to their surroundings.


  1. Here in CA the speed limit signs seem to be a suggested minimum, and then a quick slam on the brakes when a “Oh Crap! Is that a cop car” moment appears.

    • Old Guy: Our roads aren’t too crowded and commuters can usually make good time. And, since getting a ticket really causes a delay, trying to make up a handful of few seconds in a relatively short decreased speed zone isn’t very logical.

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