Wednesday Weirdness #377

I had a “working lunch” at a “love it or hate it” niche restaurant. I’m in the “hate it” category. I try to be flexible. It’s annoying when people pick places like that. I would much rather go someplace generic. The food might not be great; but it’s not terrible either. Now, I’ve added one more place to my “never again list”. I try and be flexible. But I was kinda taken advantage of which won’t happen again.


  1. I hated working lunches as that was my time to decompress from all the crap that went on that morning. Had a boss who loved to cater lunch so we could have a worthless meeting. And his catering choice matched his dietary choices which was not mine. Happy my boss now is on the other coast from me so these stopped.

    • Old Guy: An occasional working lunch like in the “old days” where everyone could find something they like might be fine. But, nowadays, either “lunch” is a cold sandwich, chips and maybe a cookie, or its someplace that only a select few like. And I’m definitely not a fan of either.

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