Friday Featurette #378

The Wife fixing the bed after a photo sessionWith all the depressing news recently, we’re going to take a break from posting. We’ll be back. We will definitely be back. Its just going to take us a bit to acclimate to the new normal. Have a great weekend. We’ll se you as soon as we can.


    • Old Guy: There was a network issue. My VPN connection was immune which is why I didn’t notice and fix it earlier. One more item on the list of things to keep an eye on.

  1. Miss seeing your photos and videos. Hope you are staying safe along with your family as well. Is that a tinge of some bush coming out on this picture, or simply shadows?

  2. I come back here periodically to see if there is per chance anything new. Hope you both are safe and free of this virus. Look forward to seeing you in action again!

  3. Thought perhaps I’d see you two on here with your Christmas garb for 2022. Been a long time and hope you’re both doing well. Hope to see more of you soon. Merry Christmas to you both.

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