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We were someplace else for a long, long time and now we are here. Hopefully, this will be our third and last home in the blogosphere. Our Blogger days were ages ago. Our first and longtime self-hosted bog not so much. With the kids mostly away at school and us primarily empty nesters, it was probably past time for a change anyway.

We decided to call our new home on the web “First, Last and Only” since we’ve both only been married once and plan to keep it that way. It’s hard to stay marred. So we both are very proud of the fact that we’ve been together for so long. And that there is more to our relationship than because it’s something familiar.

So far as posts, we plan to do things mostly the same as before; but we are making an effort to be more organized. And, because of some technical changes behind the scenes, it should be easier for us to manage when we are on the go; something that is particularly important for us this time of year. We don’t plan to “recycle” any of our old photos or videos. However, unlike our old location, our new server/network has MEGA bandwidth; so we’ll probably post more movies.

We love sharing our adventures. We hope that you enjoy our continuing story too.



    You don’t know how glad I was to follow the link on the post and find the two of you again. WOO HOO! I’ll have to bookmark you again so I don’t have trouble finding you again. LOL.

    • Sorry about that. We did not plan to drop out of site so suddenly. (Of course who does.) And we couldn’t send email since we parked the domain. That served the main intended purpose; but it also removed our ability to let people know what was going on. We are back now in what we hope is a better situation. And, we are very glad that you found us again.

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