Monday Monologue #102

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our DVR didn’t record ANY of the Sunday football games since it thought that the disk was full even though there weren’t any shows saved. I unplugged it for a while in hopes of fixing the issue. But, it’s frustrating since I was outside doing yard work when the games were on live.
  • I scheduled an appointment for a leak detection specialist to inspect our pool and find where the water is leaking. It will be expensive; but, will be kinda cool to watch how they do it in a geeky sort of way.
  • I seem to be getting the flu or a very bad cold. I don’t get sick that often; so, when I do get something, I’m even more miserable.
  • I upgraded the WordPress software that runs this blog to v4.0 this weekend. I haven’t noticed any issues. but please let us know in comments or email of you do.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The Wife and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In the immortal words of Dickens, 2012 was the best of times and was the worst of times. We are both hoping for better and brig her days in in 2013. Wherever you are in the world, we are raising our glasses to you.

The Husband & The Wife

A New Day

We are all still here so it appears that the world didn’t end after all. I guess that means that I better get started on my Christmas shopping. It’s much more convenient to shop online and I did some of that; but I prefer looking around in stores, especially for some of my relatives who are hard to buy gifts for. We are not quite certain of the schedule because of the Christmas holiday; but we plan to return to “regular” posting next week.

Changing The Calendar

See you on the other side. We will not be posting tomorrow (Friday). Partly because we are staying offline to avoid all of the “end of world” madness; but, mostly in memorial for the events of a week ago. Assuming that the calendar and the world to which it corresponds continue, we’ll publish something on Saturday. 🙂

Not Today

The Wife and I love our photo sessions; but, having one today doesn’t seem quite right considering the other events that have been happening in the world today. We think that the whole “fiscal cliff” thing is stupid; but we would much rather the lead news story be something about the impasse in Washington.


There always have been and always will be some profoundly evil people in the world who do incomprehensible things. But what makes me saddest about the events of today is that I know that it will happen again. And, unfortunately, there aren’t any lessons to be learned. For an “advanced” society, we sometimes don’t seem to be too highly evolved.

Monday Monologue #2

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It feels good to get back to blogging! It was nice to visit everyone and catch up on things. And be able to leave comments. FB is great; but, obviously, it’s not the place for some things. The wife and I kinda felt like the NFL refs who were getting back to work on Sunday.
  • It definitely wasn’t the preferred configuration; but, now that I have everything mostly working, I “enjoy” tinkering with CentOS Linux. The new server is MUCH faster than the old one and has more memory so I can do some things that I couldn’t do before.
  • We’ve been having all kinds of problems with the Eye-Fi memory card to our camera. It was only intermittently readable so it took forever to download the movie we made. I don’t plan on using it ever again. I’ve already ordered a replacement.
  • I slashed my hand on a sharp edge underneath the bottom of a refrigerator that we’re donating to charity when I was carrying it up the stairs from the basement. I didn’t need stitches; but it bleed a LOT. I don’t consider myself accident prone; but, sometimes, I sure have bad luck.

We’re Back!

We just couldn’t stay away. We’ll we could have; but we didn’t want to. We would have been back sooner except for privacy concerns and some technical difficulties. It’s not easy to find a provider who doesn’t mind NSFW work content (as opposed to one who doesn’t notice). We never did locate anyplace that satisfied all of the requirements. Ultimately, I decided it would be easier to switch technology platforms and learn something new. (From WAMP to LAMP if you are interested.) And, the creative stuff was the last obstacle. Our old personas are gone forever. It’s better that way; but they were very familiar. We’re still adjusting to the new us. Otherwise, everything will be the same as always. Although we do plan to be more consistent with our updates. We’re still “moving in”; but we hope to not have too many growing pains.