Monday Monologue #5

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We still aren’t getting our mail even though our new next door neighbors have moved into their house. Apparently, there is still work to be done. So our mailbox was still blocked on Saturday. Work trucks were still arriving when I left this morning; but we finally got all of our mail for the past week (some of which was held while we were away) including the long awaited smartphone rebates. It’s frustrating that people would rather block in our mailbox than park a bit further away.
  • We can’t really afford it; but we need more vacations. The Wife got slightly sunburned on Saturday, something that would never happen around here in mid-October. Airport “security” is a titanic nuisance; but it’s great to fly someplace far away and not be exhausted from the long drive.
  • This is not a political statement; it’s more just a frustration. I spent an hour and a half on the telephone with multiple offshore “customer service” representatives getting a refund for something very simple. It wasn’t a particularly difficult request, nor was there a disagreement. They just weren’t very good at doing their job.
  • It was great to get away; but it’s good to be home. Our batteries are fully recharged. When we’re on the road, we miss certain things that we like that don’t travel well and have to be left at home.