Wednesday Weirdness #47

Our daughter has left for school; but we are NOT empty nesters since our son is staying at home while he looks for a job after graduating this spring. It’s kinda weird him being around while she’s away since he’s older and it was always the other way around. After being away for so long for his studies, we’re glad that he’s home; but it’s been an adjustment getting used to someone else being around the house at this time of year.

Wednesday Weirdness #33

My parents have a developed favorite grandchild and it’s becoming very transparent and really aggravating to the non-favorite. We treat both kids fairly; so it’s quite frustrating that they do not. What’s even more annoying is that they also had a favorite child (who wasn’t me). So, it’s an old wound that is even more painful since its happening to one of my kids. We all keep the peace and try to make the best of the situation; but it’s hard.

The Best of Times

It took a herculean effort on his part but our son made it home before Christmas. I definitely think that he could have made “better” arrangements which wouldn’t have been so easily disrupted; but, I still couldn’t help but smile when I met him at the terminal. He’s home with his sister, his mom and I which is the important thing. When the kids were younger, we thought that those days would last forever. Now, we realize that days like today don’t come around too often. So, we’ve come to enjoy them more than ever.