Traditional Thursday #334

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleWe opened windows instead; but it was It was warm enough for air conditioning today!  After a cold, dreary winter, it was great to have sunshine and a breeze.  We’re not yet to the “burning sun” that we enjoy so much.  But, hopefully we’re finished with the cold dark days until next fall.

Traditional Thursday #333

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionI installed the replacement part for the furnace that I was waiting on earlier today shortly after it was delivered. It appears to have fixed the problem. Now we are as warm as we want to be. Its good to have heat. Even if were don’t need it too much. But, sometimes, it seems as if I spend far too much of my time doing the homeowner thing.

Traditional Thursday #332

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleIn one of those strange occurrences that seems to happen to me more often than it should, I got an unusually large number of emails at both home and work, many of which were important. So, what was already a long day become even longer. And, I’m catching a cold. I’m going to bed. I hope I’ll feel better in the morning and that tomorrow will be a “regular” day.

Traditional Thursday #330

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherIt probably doesn’t matter to anyone besides me; but I spent a lot longer that you would expect correcting/removed an extra zero I accidentally included in the file name of several photos. With all the new features that have been added, WordPress still doesn’t natively include a way to rename a media item. So, you have to rename the file and update the database manually from outside WordPress; including all the generated thumbnails and their associated metadata that are never used. That’s a mistake I won’t be making again for a long, long time. I have no desire to repeat such a tedious process.

P.S. See my fitness tracker on my left wrist. I think I got more “steps” this time.

Traditional Thursday #329

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a tube of flavored lubricantIt’s that time of the month for The Wife. So, we put a towel on top of the bed lines just in case. I’m not sure where they went; but we used to have a couple of old towels that we only used for this purpose. Newer and more absorbent is better for preventing stains, so the one we worked well. It just made me think about old times and whatever became of our original set that we used for many, many years.

Traditional Thursday #328

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airI complain a lot about the winter weather since we can’t do nearly as much outside as we can during the summer. I would complain a lot more if we didn’t have an attached garage and I didn’t have covered parking and long-range remote start I didn’t park when I’m at work or running errands. When you use them every day, luxuries almost seem like necessities. We’ve probably become spoiled; but I like it that way. It makes the winter tolerable.