Tuesday Two For #316

The Husband going down on The WifeIt wasn’t “significant”; but, it was still depressing to see snow on the ground and ice on the roads. It already seems like January even though its only November. We’re hoping for a mild winter; which doesn’t seem to likely considering how cold and blustery November has been. After last year’s cold snowy winter, almost anything would be an improvement.

Tuesday Two For #315

We were thinking earlier today that our digital camera is over 8 years old. Even though it is very finicky, its amazing that it still works at all. We’ve reached the point where we are (pleasantly) surprised if it operatels normally for the entire photo session. Which, of course means, that it’s long past time to get a new one. We will certainly be checking the online sales on Friday. Anyway, here is a short video we made to make sure it can still record movies semi-reliably.

Tuesday Two For #314

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairAmazingly, our camera stayed on for the entire photo session. That shouldn’t be noteworthy. However, with the way our photo sessions have gone recently it was a welcome change to have a full selection of photographs. It won’t last. Or camera is past it’s useful life even for the undemanding standards of a bed-cam. So, we’re going to enjoy it while for as long as we can.

Tuesday Two For #313

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a tube of flavored lubricantOur camera took just one photograph before dying. And then when I switched it to move mode, it stayed on for less them 4 minutes. In the words of The Wife “it is nearing the end of its useful life”. Obviously, not much content to choose form this week. But, we still had fun making it.

Tuesday Two For #312

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airFor the second week in a row, our camera died and we have a very limited selection of photographs. It’s become more than a minor annoyance. There are more important things to buy on the to-do list, so we may need to compromise on features and capabilities just to have something that works reliably. Our current unit is old, especially for an electronic device. Anything new would likely be better.

Tuesday Two For #311

The Wife preparing to apply flavored lubricant to The HusbandI did a major upgrade to the internals of this blog this evening. Please let us know if you see anything strange. Everything seemed to be operating normally. But, software can be very temperamental. Especially with such a big change in versions. It was good to update to the latest version. But, I’m sure something, big or small, is broken somewhere.

Tuesday Two For #310

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airOur pool is closed for the season. It’s been cold for a while, so, we weren’t going to swim anymore. But, it’s still kinda depressing to look in the back yard and see the pool with the winter cover on. We are hoping for a short, unseasonably warm winter to make up for the unseasonably long, cold one we had last year.