Tuesday Two For #339

The Wife preparing to mount The Husband's dick cowgirl styleAnother turn with the sun for The Wife and I. Where have the years gone? I guess that’s how it always is. When things are going poorly, the days drag on forever. And when things are going good, time flies by. So, it’s good that time keeps zooming by for us.

Tuesday Two For #338

The Wife kneeling naked in front of the mirror drying her hairAfter the ordeal of cutting tall wet grass in the rain this past weekend, a robotic lawn mower is looking better and better. It’s still far down on the list of things to buy. But it would be nice to have one; especially given our recent weather. When we finally have a sunny day, yard work is the last think I want to be doing. It really would be nice to remotely cut the grass from an app on my phone while I was out doing something I wanted to do. That is new technology that I would really use.

Tuesday Two For #337

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionLike everyone else, we’ve got a long list of dream items to buy. But, with all of the rain we’ve been having recently, I would really would like to have a robotic lawnmower. Then, I wouldn’t be wasting dry Saturday or Sunday afternoons cutting the grass. Obviously, it’s not a necessity. But it would certainly add some extra hours to my weekend. These days, one of my biggest yard work tasks is cleaning wet grass out of the lawn mower.

Tuesday Two For #335

The Wife helping get The Husband ready for actionI am not sure how well the picture shows it; but I got sunburn on the top of my head while we were on our spring break trip last week. Having peeling skin on your head is annoying. But I would rather be “recovering” from too much sun versus siting inside waiting for warmer weather. Of course, the best thing is to get enough sun so that neither is likely. Hopefully we will soon have plenty of warm, sunny days around here.

Tuesday Two For #334

I found what went wrong with our camera in the previous photo session. It was set to take only up to 2 pictures. So, it did what it was supposed to. I don’t know why it forgot what it’s normal setting; but its fixed now. It’s a nuisance to change since it only changes one number at a time so you have to keep holding the button for a long time. Yet one more reason to get a new one.

Tuesday Two For #333

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairWere back online! All is well except for a bit more cleanup from the network connectivity issue while we were on hiatus. Its rare for us to take a week off; but sometimes, real life makes it necessary. Our camera stopped working (again) during our photo session. So, we have a limited selection of pictures. Very annoying when that happens. We’ll probably reach into the way-back machine and post “old” from the week we were offline. We still have a few things to catch up on. But, in the meantime, it’s good to publish a new post.

Tuesday Two For #331

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep any night since the time change. I’ve always hand something to do that kept me up late and or got me up early. So, today we’re posting a short video that required minimal editing. We still plan to get a new camera that can take unattended videos from on the tripod. Its just not at the top of the list. Especially in tax season.