Tuesday Two For #355

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionWe don’t like the short days that accompany it; but one thing we enjoy about fall is that there are lots of rowing races. There are a lot of interesting places to go and people to meet as the end of rowing season approaches. We hope that the warm weather lasts and that we will be able to row for a long time. But, if we don’t, we will at least have good memories to sustain us over the winter.

Tuesday Two For #353

The Husband and The Wife getting ready for actionI’ve been online less this week than usual since I had some work dumped on me at the last minute. Its never fun to do another people’s job for them; especially when they have had plenty of time to learn how to do it themselves. It’s even less fun when you have drop everything else because they didn’t tell you until right before the deadline.

Tuesday Two For #352

The Husband and The Wife getting warmed upThe Wife and I both feel pretty good despite all the toiling that we did in the yard over the weekend. We still were able to find the time row so it wasn’t all work and no fun. The water level in the river is as low as we’ve ever seen it. It’s still fun; but we have to be careful when we are rowing since boats are so fragile. A long drought was very unexpected after such a wet spring. This has been a very strange year weather-wise.

Tuesday Two For #351

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairI may have been a bit too optimistic last week about our camera. The reader didn’t recognize the memory card when I tried to download the pictures from our photo session. Finally, after much inserting and removing the memory card and plugging and unplugging of the card reader from the computer I was able to read and download our pictures. I’ll re-format the card and hope for smoother downloading next week. We did get some pictures we like.

Tuesday Two For #349

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airAs you can tell from The Wife’s feet, we have finally been able to get outside and enjoy the sun. Although we do need to get in the pool more so there isn’t such a difference from wearing our shoes. Of course, that is a good problem to have. Especially after our wet rainy spring. I have started wearing a hat whenever I think about it to protect my head.