Wednesday Weirdness #328

I basically got an email saying that I had fulfilled a request incorrectly and it needed to be fixed immediately. Of course, I hadn’t previously been informed about the special requirements. I wanted to respond (but didn’t) that I had no way of knowing since no one ever bothered to tell me. Instead I was polite. Still, it’s very frustrating when people expect you to read their mind and be aware of things they have never mentioned.

Wednesday Weirdness #327

Sometimes, I wish I could un-RSVP. Especially when the stated purpose of an event changes. I’m a busy person and, just because I was “free” for something, doesn’t mean that I’m free for anything and everything that might be scheduled for the same time. People who don’t value my time don’t deserve as much of it as my sense of personal responsibility requires.

Wednesday Weirdness #326

I stopped at the ATM when I was running errands only to discover that it was out of money. Obviously, that happens; but, after a recent upgrade, it doesn’t indicate that it can’t dispense cash until after you’ve used your card and entered your PIN. And, I still had to decline an offer for additional information on one of their financial products in order to “cancel” the withdrawal that was already disabled. That was the frustrating part.

Wednesday Weirdness #325

I disabled the nightly setback on our thermostat. When its cold like it is, the furnace takes a long, long time to warm the house back up to daytime temperatures. It’s probably more efficient to let the heat run off and on during at night and not so much later rather than running constantly for an extend period while warming the house back up to the schedule temperature. It’s definitely more comfortable. Our home is well insulated. But, it still loses a lot of heat overnight in extremely cold weather. Looking very forward to determining the optimum schedule for the air conditioner when its burning hot this summer.

Wednesday Weirdness #324

It was below zero on Monday after a weekend full of snow and ice. Not it’s raining and in the 44-degrees. That’s already a dramatic swing in the weather. Another wild swing is expected tomorrow with forecast temperatures near zero. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.

Wednesday Weirdness #323

When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, a guy in the midst of double parking across from the building was extremely angry that someone else had double-parked directly in front of the building which is where he wanted to park block traffic. The irony that they were both doing something rude and illegal was totally lost on him. I had to try hard not to laugh as he cursed at the other vehicle. Especially since there were plenty of open spaces in the parking lot.

Wednesday Weirdness #322

I somehow ended up on a political issues mailing list that is totally opposite of my actual viewpoint. I wonder if the was an error in their analytics or if I’m being pranked by someone. The emails are so melodramatic that they are actually somewhat amusing so I haven’t blocked them yet. But, I do wonder if the author is just trying to get attention or really believes what they have written.

Wednesday Weirdness #321

I stopped into our local discount super store to get a Blu-Ray to watch over the weekend and was on my way the front to the check out when I noticed that someone had opened the inner wrapping and removed the card with the digital movie code but left the disk. I would not have thought that would be something people would shoplift. I guess some people will steal anything. I’m just glad I noticed before I left the store. From now on, I’ll have to carefully inspect the packaging of the movies I buy.

Wednesday Weirdness #320

I saw a classic car with the hood up that was broken down on my way to the gym today. Old cars can be fun; but not in December. I certainly would not drive a 50-year old motor vehicle in the winter around here. Today wasn’t freezing like it often is; but, it was still a long, cold wait for a tow.

Wednesday Weirdness #319

The frustrating thing about looking for a new bedcam is the lack of detailed feature descriptions. Especially from the newer, non-traditional camera manufacturers. There actually may be an inexpensive camera out there that suits my needs. But, I have no way of knowing. The product listings are basically worthless since they lack even the most basic information.