Wednesday Weirdness #378

All of the cancellations and limitations to combat the current situation are crazy. I seems like every day brings the implementation of additional restrictions. We’ll know soon enough whether it was not enough too much.

Wednesday Weirdness #377

I had a “working lunch” at a “love it or hate it” niche restaurant. I’m in the “hate it” category. I try to be flexible. It’s annoying when people pick places like that. I would much rather go someplace generic. The food might not be great; but it’s not terrible either. Now, I’ve added one more place to my “never again list”. I try and be flexible. But I was kinda taken advantage of which won’t happen again.

Wednesday Weirdness #376

I recently purchased an update to software that I use for “70%” off. For many years, they have always sold it at list price or slightly discounted until sometime February when they have a great deal. Then the price goes back up (but not as much as it was). I’m sure I’m not the only one to have noticed. I wonder if anyone is upgrading when its first released.

Wednesday Weirdness #375

After not needing to for the past 12 years, I had to hand wind my automatic (self-winding) watch today. With my new daily routine, I’ve become mostly sedentary (except when I’m working out). I move so little during the day that I can’t even keep my wristwatch fully wound! That’s life in a modern cube farm.

Wednesday Weirdness #374

When I looked outside earlier this evening, there was a deer standing right on my sidewalk not 10-feet from my front door eating one of my bushes. It noticed me and we looked at each other for a long, long time. I hate urban deer. I know I’ll have some cleanup to do in the morning.

Wednesday Weirdness #373

Recently, since we have exercise equipment at home, I have been working out before work in the morning which is something that I have rarely done. Amazingly, my works have been good. Unlike the times when I’ve gone to the gym. Usually, I’m surprised at what others are doing. Today, it’s what I’m doing myself.

Wednesday Weirdness #372

I got two packages in the same day form the same online vendor for merchandise that were on the same order. I know that the items were shipped form from separate warehouses; but it still seems odd that they don’t have a more robust way of consolidating shipments

Wednesday Weirdness #371

Going to work in the morning, I drive on a section of road where the speed limit goes from 50mph to 35mph to 25pmh in a very short distance. A well-marked and highly visible police car sometimes sits at the start of the 25mph zone. As easy as the vehicle is to see, I’m amazed that anyone gets caught speeding. But, apparently, some drives don’t pay any attention at all to their surroundings.

Wednesday Weirdness #370

On Monday, I saw a driver make a U-turn on a one-way street and head into oncoming traffic. There were a lot of cars coming so I don’t understand how they got confused. There was far too much traffic coming for them to make it to the next cross street. So, they had to pull over and wait until they could make a second U-turn and go the right way. Luckily, they didn’t cause an accident although there were several near misses.

Wednesday Weirdness #369

Wee have not one but two dogs staying with us while their owner is traveling on vacation. They’re well behaved for dogs. But they are still dogs and do dog stuff like bark at people who walk past. It’s going to be an interesting week.