Wednesday Weirdness #290

The Wife hit a chuck hole on the highway that totally destroyed her tire. Thankfully, the wheel appears to be OK. Still, it’s an expensive repair since a new tire for her vehicle is not cheap. One of the hazards of living in an area where they salt the roads in the winter and are slow to patch the damage in the spring.

Wednesday Weirdness #289

I accidentally made an error in the new password I set this week during one of the regularly forced password changes at work. And since we can only change our password once a week, I can’t correct it. So, I’m stuck trying to remember to type the wrong password with a mnemonic error in it. All the arcane password rules that don’t really increase security are frustrating. Especially since they aren’t even following the latest guidance.

Wednesday Weirdness #288

According to the report from our smart thermostat, in April, the heat ran 197% more than last year. That’s a lot even if April 2018 was unusually cold and April 2017 was unusually warm. We’re definitely are glad to see April in the rear-view mirror. Especially since the temperatures the first week or so in May seems more normal with even warmer weather in the forecast.

Wednesday Weirdness #287

Shopping for new sheets for the bed was a very frustrating experience for The Wife. She was unable to find any complete sets. Only separates. I’m not sure what their logic is. Yet one more reason not to shop at local stores. It’s almost like they don’t want our business by making it a nuisance to shop for department store basics in their misguided efforts to increase sales.

Wednesday Weirdness #286

A small trim piece on my car got broken while we were on our road trip this weekend. Unfortunately, I will not be replacing it any time soon since it is only sold as part of a much larger assembly that cost several hundred dollars. It makes no sense that such an easily breakable piece is not sold separately. I highly doubt anyone is spending several hundred dollars when all they need is a small piece of plastic.

Wednesday Weirdness #285

The March Energy Report from our smart thermostat says that “In March, your heating ran 31% more than last year”. Last March was unusually warm. And this March was unusually cold. So, obviously, we expected a big difference. But, actually seeing the report was still somewhat depressing. The cold, wet, dreary winter weather seems never ending.

Wednesday Weirdness #284

I was surprised when I was going home from work today how many cars were driving through high water. Most made it through without any difficulties. But, while I was watching, two vehicles drowned their engines. It did take a few minutes to go around. But, except for people with large trucks with high ground clearance, the risk was not worth it. I’m sure the drivers of the two disabled vehicles are regretting their decision.

Wednesday Weirdness #283

I accidentally installed some software that I didn’t want today; mostly because a check box with the “option” to also install some recommended junkware appeared a fraction of a second before I clicked the “install” button on some software I did want. And, of course the “uninstaller” didn’t work, so I had to uninstall it manually. I can’t understand how anyone thinks installing software on the computers of unsuspecting uses is a good business model. I was so mad with the deception, I stated looking at alternatives for the software that I did want.

Wednesday Weirdness #282

Today, I was trying to create an account on one of those sites that asked stupid security questions. The kind that anyone who knows you casually would know the answer too. So, I just had to make something up. Unfortunately, by the time I could write down the fake answers and the corresponding questions, the page would time out and I would have to start all over again. And when it did, it listed a different set of easy to answer questions. So, I had to repeat the process over and over again until I was able invent and save the answers (and questions) quickly enough. It was a gigantic nuisance.

Wednesday Weirdness #280

I get prompted to upgrade to the latest every few times I open the personal accounting software we use version despite check the “Don’t display this again” box. Not being able to permanently disable the notice is actually very annoying. Especially in an application that we use very frequently. Certainly not the way to keep existing customers or make new ones. I wonder how anyone could think updating a year-old version to continually nag customers to upgrade to the next major version is a good idea.