Wednesday Weirdness #358

Late last week, someone left their disabled car parked in our neighborhood just past the intersection to a busy through street and, for whatever reason didn’t come back for it over the weekend. It was ticked multiple times and then impounded. I understand that sometimes cars break down. But why create the extra nuisance and expense? Now they have to pay for towing and storage if they want their vehicle back.

Wednesday Weirdness #357

The Wife and I finally found matching base layers to wear when we are rowing. Usually we don’t think about it until the weather is already cold and then it’s too late as either her size or my size is sold out. It was weird trying on clothes for cooler days while its 70-degrees outside and we are wearing shorts. But that’s the way things are these days,

Wednesday Weirdness #356

After the latest update, my fitness tracker has a habit of notifying me that it needs to be charged at 4AM in the morning. I don’t have time to charge it in the morning before work. So, I’m stuck waiting to charge it until that evening and hoping that the battery doesn’t die during a workout. To me, the old behavior where I received a notification when the battery discharged to a certain level even if it is was during the work day was better.

Wednesday Weirdness #355

The auto-brightness feature on my phone has weirded out. Now, no matter what the lighting conditions, it’s always much too bright. I’ve tried a few things; but, so far, nothing works. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fix it soon. Because, right now, its a gigantic nuisance.

Wednesday Weirdness #354

The pizza place we regularly order from somehow “forgot” to make our pizza recently. They took the order. And later said it was on the way. But it was never cooked and obviously never delivered. We’re not quite sure what happened. Maybe it was the full moon

Wednesday Weirdness #352

The river we row on has more obstacles than usually because of the low water level. Stumps and other debris that would ordinally wash downstream gets stuck on the bottom and becomes a hazard. Low water is more of a nuisance than we would have thought. We can still row; but it comes with its own problems.

Wednesday Weirdness #351

I’ve already starting seeing advertisements for the 2020 releases of various products. These days, everything is like cars. Next year’s editions come out in July or August. It does kinda make the 2018 versions I use seem old and in need of updating.

Wednesday Weirdness #350

Our spam filter is configured to restart on regular intervals which usually works well and ensures that it doesn’t run long enough to hang. Except occasionally, it takes a long time to start after being stopped and we get a flood of spam. I’m not surprised. But we get a LOT of junk mail when its offline for just a few minutes. It’s amazing how much email on the internet is unsolicited.

Wednesday Weirdness #349

Even though we’re in the middle of a mini-drought, my next-door neighbor is still cutting his grass. He’s basically “cutting” it to the same height as it was. Running the mower just puts extra stress on his lawn and doesn’t make any difference to the way it looks.